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Vienna Woods
(max. 4 hours; by your vehicle - 250 EUR; by hired minivan and driver, max. 6 persons - 450 EUR)

The Vienna Woods are the most eastern foothills of the Alps.

With me, your Tourist Guide (or Tour Guide) you will see the castle Liechtenstein and Stift Heiligenkreuz, one of the abbeys of greatest significance in Austria, managed by the Order of Cistercians. Visit to the abbey upon agreement.
Then we drive through the Helenental valley to Baden, a spa town connected with names like Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss. On the way there is the Seegrotte, a former mine with the largest underground lake in Europe. Visit to the mine upon agreement.
After we have visited Baden, we drive back to Vienna through the vineyards of Gumpoldskirchen and Mödling.